My family has owned an antique store on Main Street for over 80 years.

One of the reasons why our antique store has been so successful and has stayed open for many years is that we take good care of our employees, our customers and our antiques.

When customers walk into the store their mouths drop with the large amount of different items that we have. Many items are extremely valuable and are rare, so we have a lot of collectors come in and search for their next big find. We also like to clean and make sure that our antiques are in the best condition possible for our customers despite the age that it may be. We like to use furniture polish on a lot of the antique furniture and we’ll use a special cleaning serum for a lot of the expensives dishes. Not to mention, we use an up-to-date heating and cooling system with multiple humidifiers and air purifiers in every room. Having humidifiers keeps antiques from drying and rotting out and allows them to preserve their original finishes. This is the main key to having a successful antique store. A lot of antique or second hand stores don’t have a heating ventilation and cooling system and even humidifiers or air purifiers installed. You can tell that other owners lack these important hvac technologies by looking at the condition of the antiques and the smell of the store when you immediately walk in. I’ve also walked into other stores where I felt very cold or really hot because there is no heat or air conditioning coming out of air registers. The next time you’re in town come take a look at our antique store and see why we’re top rated in having the best antiques in the region because of the hvac technologies we have installed.

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